Chase 2053: Hovercar Design of the Future

Although they never seem to become reality, most people just can’t get enough of future car designs.  Many of them are outlandish, very sexy, or require technologies and materials that are themselves still science fiction.

The Chase 2053 is all of those things.  While the technology could feasibly exist in forty years, the car itself may or may not.  Still, it’s very cool.

The concept is as simple as it is advanced.  It’s a hover car made of carbon nanotubes, which makes it basically everything-proof.  It uses a slush hydrogen engine, which has no emissions, and is shaped in a really cool aircraft style.

The design is by Thomas Larson Roed and incorporates the hydrogen engine as a jet, allowing the vehicle to both hover off the ground and to move at respectable speeds.

What do you think?

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